I specialize in helping women package their expertise to build a profitable coaching or consulting business!

Secure the B.A.G -
Bodacious Ass Goal

One of the biggest mistakes I see out there are women knowing they have a gift to help others, but struggling to make a business out of it.

You have talents, a lifetime of experiences, and transformation but continue to make mistakes that prevent you from attracting enough high quality prospects to easily make enough money to run a sustainable business that delivers impact, abundance, and freedom.

The problem is that you've failed to zone in on a competitive niche and position their innovative approach to solving their ideal client's problem in a way that disrupts the market and value network. You take a general approach and think you can help anyone and everyone.

I remember when I left behind a 25 year Career & Executive Salary with a Fortune 10 Company.  Although I loved Sales & Marketing and led a 450 person Sales Organization and Business Marketing for over 5500 retail locations, I knew that it was Soul Sucking, and I had a BURNING passion for coaching & helping women achieve their dreams. I made the decision to take that Magick Leap, and now help my clients:

1. Nail Your Niche
2. Clarify Your Message
3. Create a Scalable, Irresistible Offer

I am passionate about helping women Secure the B.A.G - Bodacious Ass Goal by getting fully booked with their dream clients so they can achieve time and financial freedom in their business. The Career Chic brand represents that genuine, confident, magnetic woman who is an expert in her business, stunning in her mind, body, and soul, and committed to making positive impact on those around her!


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You know that you are an expert, uniquely qualified to deliver transformational value to someone who needs what you have to offer...but don't have clients waiting in line to work with you.  Are you finding it difficult to attract clients or sign new clients? It's time for you to discover how to speak to your ideal clients in your messaging by using these 3 powerful motivators to get them to want to work with you! Click below to gain access to this free course now!

Over 90% of coaches fail to survive...

Are you struggling to land enough clients to build a profitable & sustainable business?

None of the GURUS, Coach Training, or Certification Programs teach you the foundational principals and proper business model to market your business. You've spent your heard-earned money to follow your dream but end up with more shiny objects, promises, teasers, or an overload of information that causes more confusion and still no clients. If you are tired of being unknown and underpaid, and ready to get a return on your investment, you need to watch this video now!

Let me help you build a Client Attraction Strategy
that's authentic to you!



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